Original REMAX 2.1A Crystal Line Charging Data Cable With WiFi Launch Function

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1. Original REMAX 2.1A Crystal Line Charging Data Cable is suitable for various
    V8 micro usb 2.0 interface of mobile phone.

2. With WiFi launch Function,cable built-in WiFi chip that shared Internet access without a wireless router,
    just make your remax cable plug in your PC or laptop.

3. Flat wire design, convenient to arrange and receive. 


4. Double protective layer, PVC plastic and enameled wire to provide double protection.

5.  Using high purity oxygen free copper wire core, support fast charging and data transmission 
     function at the same time, maximum support for 2.1A current transfer.


Brand: REMAX
Model: 2.1A Flat wifi Charging Data Cable
Material: PVC plastic and high purity oxygen free copper wire core 
Function: WiFi launch(share), charging and data transmission
Interface: V8 micro USB 2.0
Length: 100cm
Color: Gold, Silver, Blue

Package Included:

1 x REMAX Micro USB Cable

Note: The Usage of remax cable for the wifi launch(share) Function

        1.Download the REMAX WiFi Cable Software (Included remax wifi cable driver.exe and 360 free wifi.exe)               
           on http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqkwnbQ

        2.First insert your remax wifi cable and install remax wifi cable driver.exe,than install 360 free wifi.exe.
        3.Insert the wifi cable into the computer USB interface, can see the automatic installation of 360
            wifi software interface, the pop-up "wi-fi hotspots to create successful", than you can see the wifi id
            and wifi password on the software. Now you can connect the wifi hotspot and enjoy the internet.

        4.Free wifi id and random passwords will appear on the computer after the success of the installation
            you can be arbitrary change wifi password and id.

        5.Click WiFi logo on the computer desktop can manage the people who connect you wifi and transfer the file
           between the cellphone and the computer
        6.If you want to access the wifi which you set,please open your phone's wifi settings, select the wifi id which you
           set that the phone can connect the wifi after you enter corresponding wifi password.

        7.Right click on the lower right corner of wifi sign, can switch wifi card mode, the network card mode can make the
           desktop computer to connect wifi network as laptop or cellphone.

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