Ilife Chuwi Beatles V3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Smart Robotic Automatic Sweeping Machine

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Smart MCU control system,4 cleaning mode,Coverage of up to 99%!
Almighty cleaning  No dead corner,easy clean dust and hair!
Super-quiet, eddy current noise reduction technology,only 55 db while working !
Large-capacity lithium-ion battery,Sustainable work for 2 Hours!
11 Infrared detector eyes,when approaching an obstacle, automatic steering protecting household goods!
●Carefully protect your clean and healthy living environment, easy to operate.
●Extremely low noise < 50dB; Remote control via infrared ray(valid range≤6m).  
Anti-collision: when close to an obstacle, it will slow down, or completely avoid the object.
Cliff sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down(Height:>8cm).
Automatically find charging docking station, after full charge, it will go on working.
Weight: 2000g
Material:  ABS plastics
Color: White
Size: 30*30*7cm
Rated voltage: 11.1V
Working time: 2h
Rated voltage: 20W
Power: 220V
Battery: 2600mAH
Input current: 0.6A 
Charge time: about 280min
Package Includes:
1x Main body of robot
1x Remote controller
1x Hepa
1x Charging base
1x Side brush
1x AAA battery
1x Adapter
1x Manual