APM2.8 Flight Controller M8N GPS 433/915HZ Data Transmission Power Module MICRO OSD Combo

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APM2.8 Flight Controller M8N GPS 433/915HZ Data Transmission Power Module MICRO OSD Combo


APM 2.8:
The interface is changed from 1.0mm 6P SM06B GPS to DF13-4P I2C external compass interface, put DF13- 5P GPS interface with external compass interface
The I2C interface has been changed to multifunctional MUX interface, users can configurate the interface  like UARTO, UART2, I2C, OSD, default OSD interface
2.8 ADOPTS LP2985-3.3, the voltage reaches 16V,increase the reliability, reduce the voltage problem probability of Bad Gyro health
2.8 uses jumper cap to choose, find the MAG pins on board, pluging in jumper cap is built in compass, taking off jumper cap is external compass
v2.5 just  added gigh frequency component of the filter circuit which made of 0.1uF to filter the high frequency interference,the board does not have a large capacity of capacitor use to filter the low frequency component of the ripple,2.8 Added a 47 uf tantalum capacitor, improve APM on-board chip, the stability of the power supply.

Ublox NEO M8N High Precision GPS with Built-in Compass for Pixhawk PX4 / APM 2.6 2.8 with BDS Better Than LEA 6H
High Speed Searching Stars. We tested the fastest that found 6 Stars in 10 second at the open area. ( The star searching time depend on the location and weather condition)
A new better GPS optional for APM and Pixhawk.  NEO-M8N will be the best choice for the Open Source Controller with it's Super High Precision and Fast Searching Star Efficiency.
This NEO-M8N GPS use the Original Imported M8N Chips, and optimize the function module, with Built-in Compass, the refresh rate increased to 10GHZ
NEO-M8N with Low-power, High Precision, the Ultimate precision 0.6 meter. The actual test Precision mostly at about 0.9 meter.
The Pixhawk test the return precision most at 20-30cm. Improved a lot compare to the previous NEO-7N's Precision 1.3-1.6 meter.
The Star searching Speed and quantity improived, support the Europe's Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Japanese Small Sun, Chinese BDS. The module support GPS + BDS + SBAS or GPS + GLONASS + SBAS

Optional 433 / 915HZ Data Transmission
Optional Vertical / Horizontal Version

Package Included:
1x APM2.8 Flight Controller
1x M8N GPS
1x 433/915HZ Data Transmission
1x Power Module 
1x Damper