30Pcs Purple Round Eggplant Seeds Garden Cooking Vegetable

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30Pcs Purple Round Eggplant Seeds

Egglant has a rich nutrition, also containing protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, especially the vatamin P, which is good to protect kinds of blood vessel. It is also a anticancer substance.

Taste delicious after cooking.
Organic and good to health.
Also has a strong thermostability.
Easy to grow, as long as having a suitable temperature.

Growth Habit:

Temperature of
Days of Germination Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Season Sunlight Requirement Sow to Bloom
20-25 7-15 days 18-38 Any season  Sunniness, half shade About 70 days

Form and Use:

 Color Plant Height Use
purple 40-60 cm edible

1. Please store the seeds in a cool, dry place.
2. The seed surface turns the soil thickness is the seed diameter 1 to 2 times.

Package included:
30X Purple Round Eggplant Seed

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