2.5inch F02 Car Head Up Display Universal Overspeed Warning OBDII Connector

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Product size:90*57*15mm
Product weight:54g
Environment temperature:-40c~+80c
Atmospheric pressure86-106kpa
Alarm sound level:>=30db
Working voltage:9v~16v DC(12vDC/70mA)


Speed:Number indicates the current speed.
Rotation speed:indicates the rotating status of the engine and the scale measured represents the speed reached.
Water temperature:When the temperature reaches 115 degree centigrade,alarm will be given automatically with alarm light turned on.
Tips for shifting gear:It will indicate to gear up to save fuel when the engine speed and car speed come to a certain ratio.
Tips for over speed:It will flicker and alarm when exceeding the speed limit set up before.
Immediate 100 kilometers/instantaneous fuel consumption:Display fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers when there is speed,in L/100km.
Unit of kilometer:In the international system of units,kilometer/hour is commonly used,in km/h.Unit:km,Miles,Celsius,Fahrenheit,free switch.
Battery voltage:when the battery voltage is less than/reaches 12v,the caution light will light up to remind.
Buzzer mark:press the switch button can turn off the sound of the buzzer.

Package included:

1 x Host machine of HUD
1 x Reflecting film
1 x OBD connecting
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Non-slip mat