10pcs N52 Strong Cylinder Magnet 3mm x 5mm Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

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10pcs N52 Strong Cylinder Magnet 3mm x 5mm Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Shape: Cylinder
Grade: N52
Size: 3mm x 5mm
Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni ( Nickel )
Material: NdFeB
Color:  Silver
Max Operating Temperature: 80°C/176°F

Can also be used to extend protected lithium batteries with recessed contact points.
Electrically conductive (making them suitable to extend recessed batteries).
Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors.
Great for DIY projects.
Other industries: magnetized Wax, pipe descaling, magnetic fixture, automatic mahjong machine, magnetic locks, doors and windows magnetic, magnetic luggage, leather magnetic toys, magnetic tools, gifts and packaging.

1, Strong magnets should Keep away from Ironware and some  easily magnetized iron products, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and other
2, Strong magnets should be stored in a dry, heated environment, and need to use of plastic, wood, cardboard, foam to separated and wrapped.
3, Magnets might affect water meter ,Electric meter, gas meter and some metering equipment exist some inaccurate affect (Such as : if magnets placed near  the meter, the meter will slow down)

WARNING: We would not recommend this magnet be used by children under 5 without supervision!

Package Included:
10x  Neodymium Magnet